History Edit

Before the founding of the sanctuary, local dragons lived in small familial units each specialized in their choice of living. Some were hunters, others are fishermen, while majority of them are foragers and farmers. They traded items and goods, rarely do they come into contact unless absolutely necessary. Once a year they may travel to larger clans to celebrate Starfall Celebration.

The arrival of scholars and researchers from the Observatory improved their relationship. With higher demand for daily supplies, shops were set up for easy access; permanent lodgings were built and they started hiring guides for expeditions.

The group centralized their activities in what would soon be called the Halls of Iris. It branches out and connects several sub sections including specialized facilities, educational spaces and a public library. Around these facilities, a community hub was formed to accommodate more business. As the hub grows in popularity those family units started moving nearer, drawn in by convenience and job opportunities.

There are a select few who prefers solitary lives chose to remain in their old dwellings. Some however remained out there for the research center - constant supply of materials are needed and that is where they employ harvesters and guides living in the woods.

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