History Edit

Abraham doesn't remember much of his life before co-founding Clan Aria Echoes, but he recalls most of his life with his mate quite clearly.

Before he met Flannery, however, he ran into Garnet. During a terrible storm, the pearlcatcher hatchling was separated from her birth clan. Abraham took shelter with the young dragon, where Flannery later found them.

He quickly grew quite attached to Flannery and Garnet as the three all searched for the hatchling's birth clan.

Abraham consoled Flannery through her struggle to let Garnet go, and became a reassuring presence for both of his companions.

When Garnet eventually decided she'd stay with the two, Abraham became the second-in-command of Clan Aria Echoes.

Personality Edit

Abraham is probably the most welcoming of all his clan mates. He is warm, kind, and open to allies and strangers alike. He is usually the first face visiting dragons see, and the one to bid them a happy farewell. He is very diplomatic when dealing with other dragons, despite their intentions. Abraham will generally only resort to violence if there's no other option.

He is generally optimistic, but that doesn't stop him from worrying about Flannery and the rest of the clan.

Roles Edit

As second-in-command, Abraham has many of the same responsibilities as Flannery. The only dragon who has more power than him is Flannery, and even then she tends to take his advice on many matters.

He rarely executes his powers when Flannery is in the lair, however, and instead acts as more of a greeter and host for visiting dragons. Until recently, many dragons approached him to settle disputes in a calm manner. But with the clan's division and his firm stance by Flannery's side, those numbers have dwindled.

Moments Edit

The Breaking Point Edit

After Flannery retrieves Tess and company from their unsanctioned battle, Abraham is the first to greet his mate, their granddaughter, and the dragons in their company. He initially tries to calm Flannery's anger, but steps back as she and Tess argue.

Upon Flannery issuing punishment, he begins to have doubts about the stability of Clan Aria Echoes.

Starfall Edit

When Flannery calls for a truce, Abraham stands by Garnet's side, behind Flannery.

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