Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

AceArrow the clan’s archer and he prefers to be left alone, but he does like to spend his time with a few close friends in the clan. He’s kind but doesn't like to talk much, and he can be very shy.

You can usually tell how he’s feeling by looking at his antennae. When alert, they’re pointed up. When embarrassed or upset they lay flat against his head, and when he’s angry his antennae are straight back.

He has a bow specially made for him and although he can shoot with his arms, it is sometimes difficult due to his tiny arms. Instead most of the time he shoots with his wings.

He can be very competitive when it comes to archery.

He enjoys competing with his centaur familiar Alaufee. She is a far better archer than him and he hates to admit it. He's constantly trying to beat her, and he will practice until he does.

Alaufee is a former defector who chose to live in Seeking Clan(Now Ton Theon) after Nightbane saved her. She had gotten her leg stuck in a hole while hunting and ended up breaking it. Her herd had left her behind, and if Nightbane hadn't found her she probably would have died. After being saved by a dragon she realized that they weren't so bad and decided to join the clan. She's now good friends with the Dunhoof centaur, Kiren.

After learning about Ace's shared love of archery she decided to become his familiar. They're good friends, despite Ace's envy for her skill.

Personality Edit

He is reserved and competitive.

Relationships Edit

Alaufee: His familiar and hunting companion

Trivia Edit

  • He is my ace pride dragon
  • He is aroace
  • Yes his name is a pun
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