Achaikos spends 90% of his time underground, or at least inside a rock cliff somewhere. Most of the time he's alone, save for his little Yelling Wyrmpeck companion, Brutus.

Brutus was originally intended to be Achaikos' coal mine bird, here to warn him of impending danger. But he isn't caged, usually perching somewhere on Achaikos or the jagged walls of the mine, sometimes hiding and / or taking a nap in the Ridgeback's satchel (as long as it isn't filled with precious ore or gems). If he happened upon dangerous gases, Brutus would undoubtedly succumb long before Achaikos would be harmed, but Achaikos does his best to protect his little bird just as much as the bird protects him.

They're usually heard bickering at each other. Achaikos claims he knows wyrmpeckese and doesn't hesitate to demonstrate his skills to those who ask. Barely anyone believes him, and no one can tell whether he seriously thinks that he can speak the bird's language or not.

What the other dragons do know though, is that Achaikos and Brutus share a bond, despite their constant complaining to each other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Achaikos is a 6 digit dragon
  • Striation was added, Capsule or Spines is planned
  • Scattered five times; started out as Ice/Aqua/Rust, went to Nightshade/Peridot/Abyss, to Fog/Strawberry/Shadow, to Grapefruit/Pink/Chocolate, to Mulberry/Tan/Magenta, and lastly to Oilslick/Abyss/Mint

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