Achernar used to be the most beautiful and magnificent of all the dragons in the clan. He hadn’t been blessed with the perfect colours or the perfect genes but he just had that something that made other dragons attracted to him, that made him popular above everyone else. Something that couldn’t be described by words or captured to a painting. Ever since he was a hatchling he had been told that he was special. This had made him vain, proud and arrogant. He was so absorbed to himself that he barely even noticed anyone around him anymore. And that’s when the disaster struck.

One day he was out with a crowd of his admirers and they happened upon a motley band of beasts, refugees by the look of them. Young and full of false confidence, they challenged the remnants of the beastclan, denying them a safe passage though the clan lands. With no battle experience, the crowd of dragons was soon driven away, except for Achernar. He was too proud to yield against greater force. As a reward for his bravery the beasts left him with battle scars to match his “courage”.

Ever since that day Achernar has been a recluse. His body and face ruined, he has no idea who he is or what his worth is to anyone, anymore.

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