The leader and founder of the Brilliant Sky Clan, Adara is a powerful sorceress with magic in her blood. It's not so much that she's skilled at casting charms--no, Adara simply contains so much Arcane energy that magic simply happens around her. It's a part of her life, and if she were ever to leave the Starfall Isles, she suspects that she would at the least, grow very sick and weak.

In her home element, however, Adara is strong and capable, feared and respected in equal measure. Like a mother to the clan, her decisions are final, and held in the highest regard.

Abandoned as a little girl, Adara grew up in the Starwood Strand. The magical woods protected her when she was alone, and gave her a life: Zephyr, her oldest friend; Moth, the only dragon she ever mated with, and her clan, which she now holds utmost loyalty to. Because of this, she took the Starwood Strand as a Charge at a young age. She has made it her mission in life to protect, preserve, and understand the forest, as well as educate others about its beauties and dangers.

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