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While Aeriodyte had been raised by both of her biological parents, it is unknown what clan they belonged to or where they are now; The only knowledge she has ever cared to share about where she grew up was that her birth clan had been an extremely large swarm only consisting of other Mirrors. Nearly as soon as she had become an adult, she left her birth clan behind in hopes of building a lair of her own. As she had been moving from place to place in search of the right lair to start her new clan in, she met Cero, another Mirror who had, like her, left his birth clan behind in search of a new self-built clan. They eventually became mates and began a clan ((Clan of the Waywards, of course)) of their own which they both still lead as of now.

In the first few weeks of shaping their new home, Aeirodyte and Cero had come across many eggs that had been left behind, hatchlings being auctioned off by their clan leaders at very low prices, and a handful of overcrowded lairs trying to push out some of their older members or newer hatchlings. With a decent amount of lair space to spare, she took some of these dragons into her own clan, the very first two "siblings" having been Faolen and Jynx. From then on, many dragons who became members of her clan had been welcomed in from the outside rather than as hatchlings, giving the clan the wide diversity (and chaos) it is well-known for.

Her one and only mate has been Cero. and she has had a handful of hatchlings, two of which still live in the clan and one more who has been staying with neighbouring ally and clan, also of Arcane. The rest of her children had either left for new lairs or went to serve under the Arcanist directly. She is content with her family life, and has stated she has no desire to have any bigger of a family (Hatchling-wise).After having Autumn decline the next immediate place of clan leader after her, Aeirodyte has appointed Miski to be her official placeholder should the time come she must step down from her position.

As for her in-clan relations, Aeirodyte has a friendly and practically parental bond with many of her clanmates.She is highly respected amongst the other clan members and has often been praised and thanked for her ability to maintain an orderly yet understanding and kind image. Often times, Aeirodyte likes to spend time with her clanmates or daughters when there isn't any work needing to be done. She also will sometimes leave certain jobs or tasks to her familiar, who takes quite a lot after her personality. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and studying history or mysteries, making her to be quite the history buff.

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