"I'm a dedicated actress and helper to Rosabelle. Now let's get down to business!"



Aemilia's Origins
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Length Wingspan Weight
Aemilia's 8.48m 8.42m 713.78kg
Average Fem. Bogsneak 6.80m 6.23m 712.34kg

Aemilia is much larger than an average female Bogsneak.

Aemilia is 19 years old—making her older than Rosabelle but younger than Brenden—and a Cancer. Aemilia is an alto, and can sing somewhat lower and higher than Rosabelle. Her ID is 58135020.

Family TreeEdit


Sired by Ualan the Bogsneak

Mothered by Jora the Skydancer

Uncles and Aunts

Full uncle is Conan the Bogsneak

Full aunt is Neriya the Bogsneak

Half-uncles are Azuolas, Gorrick, Leoven the Coatls. None of them reside in the Empire any longer

Great-aunt is Aunatural the Nocturne

Half-Great-Uncle is Quoice the Mirror

Half-Great-Aunt is Raigi the Wildclaw


Grandfather is Calan the Coatl

Grandmother is Una the Bogsneak

Great-Grandfather is Khelgar the Nocturne

Great-Grandmother of Rayya the Coatl

Great-Great-Grandfather is Rolan the Mirror

Great-Great-Grandmother is Anna the Nocturne


Half-First Cousins Second Removed are Fergus and Feichin the Wildclaws (in-laws: Elwy the Coatl)

Half-Second Cousin Once Removed is Rosabelle the Wildclaw (in-law: Mahmut the Mirror)


Brenden Since Aemilia and Brenden are both older than Rosabelle, they formed a close bond with each other before the young heir hatched. The two were so close—in fact—some dragons even suspected that they were lovers, though this hasn't been confirmed.
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"But I shall not die today! Nay! I shall return, and cast each one of you to the Shade!" --as Tomaltach Ó Luain, ancient warrior and antagonist of Lights

"I'm not so sure. Don't think that Brenden and I don't see the way you look at him. Sweet, little Rosabelle, you're in love." --to Rosabelle about Brenden


  • Her name is a variant of the name Emily, which itself is a feminine form of the name Emil which means "rival".


  • Baby Aemilia
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