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Aervunth is the lair's fashion designer of Clan Scribbles. Everything in Cotton Candy's Shop comes from her drawing table After she finishes what is undoubtedsly the latest lair trend, she hands the design over to one of her assistants. They then make a quick mockup of the piece on a mannequin. After Aervunth's approval, Cotton Candy is the next to get her claws on it. She will then start producing the design, and sell it to the masses. Aervunth's assistants tend to have ideas for designs too, and she reviews each and every one.

If she's not behind her drawing table or managing her studio, she's probably talking to Cotton Candy. The two don't only work together, they're also close friends. The tailor often drops by the studio, and sometimes peeks over Aervunth's shoulder while she's working.

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