The Gardener of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Aifric arrived in the Red Kingdom as part of its original collection of refugees seeking a home. A skilled forager, she helped make sure the clan was stocked in plant foods for those few members who preferred not to eat meat. With the establishment of the kingdom proper, she made a long, gradual transition from primarily foraging to primarily gardening, always keeping a focus on useful and edible plants that could go to sustaining her clan.

Most of Aifric's family has been with the clan for as long as she has, though she joined up with the Red Kingdom when she was still on her own. She met her mate, Conlaed, while the clan was still travelling, and also befriended Eimhin, Eithne, and Eithne's son Enna. Recently her family has expanded again with the hatching of Ciara from one of Conlaed's alchemical experiments, as Aifric and Conlaed have adopted them and taken charge of the young heir's education.

Clan Role Edit

Though originally a forager, Aifric has had a slow but thorough education by experience in the art of gardening. Having learned to gather up the seeds from the plants she once foraged, in addition to collecting up other seeds from friends, allies, and traders, she has since started growing her own plants, selectively breeding for hardiness and abundance in the arid Plague territories. She focuses primarily on edible and medicinal plants, as well as items useful in magical or alchemical works. She also still does some foraging—partly for food, but primarily because she is always on the lookout for better seeds and stronger varietals for her garden.

Personality Edit

Aifric is social, friendly, and openly affectionate with her entire clan. She has a particular closeness with her family and lovers, but all are welcome in her domain—so long as they don't step on the plants. She can be aggressive in the defence of those she cares about, but she's not a fighter by nature; she rarely initiates confrontation, and is easily calmed by the presence (and safety) of her loved ones. She can often be found singing in her garden, and believes talking to plants helps them to grow stronger; she also enjoys flying, and frequently makes her foraging trips in the early morning when she can enjoy the fresh cool air and the sunrise.

Relationships Edit

  • Conlaed: Partner and lover.
  • Ciara: Conlaed's alchemical experiment and adopted child.
  • Eithne: Closest friend and lover.
  • Eimhin: Friend and lover.
  • Enna: Conlaed's apprentice, Eithne's son, and Ciara's partner.
  • Aine: Clan flower-keeper and a colleague.
  • Tomas: Clan beekeeper and a colleague.
  • Brigh: Clan leech and a collaborator.
  • Eabha: Clan shepherd and a collaborator.

Aifric is bisexual.

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