The Quiet Hunter of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Ailbhe joined the clan shortly after what had once been a collection of refugees had established itself as the Red Kingdom. Something of a solitary wanderer—and a refugee himself—he wasn't precisely looking to establish a permanent home, but he found himself falling in with Iuile, and eventually elected to stay as part of her roving hunting pack. Whether he was already her mate at that point, or if that developed later as they roamed the wilds, is a point the two of them have been silent on. As far as they're concerned, it was simply inevitable.

Their family was joined before too long by Saoirse, who in addition to becoming their shared partner was also something of an apprentice in the arts of hunting, and finally by Cathair, who they absorbed into their pack before he had even met or formally joined the rest of the clan. The four of them live together in the wilds of the clan lands, spending their nights in the hunting outposts or under the starts rather than sleeping in the main shared lair.

Clan Role Edit

Along with the rest of Iuile's pack, Ailbhe's main role in the clan is hunting game and providing substantial amounts of meat for a clan whose diet is primarily carnivorous above all else. Within the pack, his specialty is ambush and silent attack; he is often the lynchpin of the traps they lay where they drive prey into tight corners, and of the four of them he is the one most likely to be separate from the rest of the pack for a longer period of time. The pack works together as a unit under Iuile's command and may go weeks at a time without encountering any of the rest of the clan. The only clan member they see with any regularity is Cennetig, the Red Kingdom's other primary hunter, who occasionally works with them and can always seem to track them down, even when they get deep into the wilds.

Personality Edit

The quieter, subtler foil to Iuile's bluntness and aggression, Ailbhe is nevertheless a skilled and efficient hunter and a powerful defender of his clan. He does not often speak, preferring to let his partners do the talking for him on the rare occasions they actually spend much of any time around anyone worth talking to, and he actively dislikes being around those who expect him to carry a conversation; even among the four of them, he is often quiet for long periods of time, preferring to let the conversation flow around him without interruption. He is entirely devoted to his pack and rarely spends any time out of their company, aside from the times necessitated by their hunting tactics. Nevertheless, he is known to be surprisingly gentle—at least with those who make allowances for his dislike of talking—to the point where it's hard to believe he's the same dragon as the ruthlessly efficient hunter he is in the field.

Relationships Edit

  • Cathair: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Iuile: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Saoirse: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a colleague.

Ailbhe is bisexual.

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