The Counsellor of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Ailill joined the Red Kingdom before the kingdom was formally established, along with the three other Imperials who comprise his family. Hailing originally from an Ice clan, he and Isibeal eloped when their clans—neighbours, but not friends—would not consent to a relationship between them. They were joined by Laoise in Lightning territories after the loss of her original family, and finally met Cinaed on their arrival in the Plaguebringer's domain. The four of them are extremely close, but tend to follow Isibeal's lead on matters that affect the family. Ailill himself serves as a grounding and balancing influence.

Upon settling in with his newly adopted clan, Ailill found his family expanded to all members of the Red Kingdom. Informally at first, he began extending his services to the rest of the clan; after some time had gone by, and it became clear that his new family was increasingly coming to rely on him, his position was formalized with honours.

Clan Role Edit

Ailill serves as counsellor to his clan on matters of emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. He is a kind and reassuring presence, able to stay calm and soothing even in the face of the most troubling emotional outbursts, patiently but tenaciously working his way to the root of whatever problem he has been presented with. In addition to comforting his clan in troubled times, he also makes it his purpose to encourage them to change, grow, and examine their place in the world. He works closely with Nekane and Oscar in this regard, and with Brigh in his role as a healer.

Personality Edit

When dealing with his clanmates' troubles, Ailill is calm, sympathetic, and unfailingly patient. He has an excellent professional manner, seemingly effortlessly balancing the struggles of his loved ones with his own mental wellbeing, and is easily able to keep secrets told to him in confidence. Outside of work, he's a touch mysterious and something of a mystic, delighting in cryptic pronouncements, thought-provoking riddles, and slightly otherworldly advice. He believes strongly in the spiritual and the powers of the inner self, and has an unshakeable faith in his clanmates' ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

Relationships Edit

  • Cinaed: Partner and lover.
  • Isibeal: Partner and lover.
  • Laoise: Partner and lover.
  • Brigh: Clan leech and a colleague.
  • Nekane: Living deity and a collaborator.
  • Oscar: Clan priest and a collaborator.

Ailill is bisexual.

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