The Ambassador of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Like many Snappers, before coming to the Red Kingdom Aislin was a nomad travelling with a clan of her own species. Their long-winding path took them through territory claimed by the Red Kingdom, and they were met by Muiris and Muirne, who invited them to visit the clan. When her clan moved on, Aislin remained, having found an unexpected fellowship and sense of homecoming in the lair of the Red Kingdom.

Despite her happiness, however, after several weeks of remaining in the same place she grew restless, and was even considering catching up with the clan she had left. It was Isibeal who hit on the solution—Aislin could serve as an ambassador for the clan, travelling long distances to broker treaties and carry sensitive messages. Aislin accepted her new role gratefully and with grace, and has served thus ever since. It was on one such journey that she met her one-time mate, Searlas, and his interest in her that led him back to the clan, where he eventually joined the service of the Plaguebringer. Recently she has met a new mate, Aodh, also a fellow traveller, who has likewise settled down in the Red Kingdom to share a home with her.

Clan Role Edit

Aislin's experience with the diplomacy of introducing herself to new clans has made her particularly suited to her role as ambassador, and in practical terms she is second in command only to Isibeal when it comes to diplomatic matters. She is the one who typically visits other clans to make contact, returning regularly to the Red Kingdom to provide updates and take new assignments. She also occasionally carries messages whose contents are too sensitive or require too much explanation to be entrusted to one of the regular soldiers or couriers.

Personality Edit

Calm, gentle, and serene, Aislin makes a natural diplomat and was already serving well in that role before joining the Red Kingdom or formalizing her title. She is soft-spoken and sweet, but also very certain of herself, and is no more easily pushed over in word than she is in physicality. She makes friends easily and is much beloved by her clan, for all that she is only seen for a week at a time in any given month. Despite her skill as an ambassador she is happy to defer to Isibeal's authority, preferring the simplicity of travelling regularly and doing her job well to making the more complex decisions the lead diplomat is faced with. If made to stay in one place for too long she easily grows restless, and even when contented with where she is she often takes long walks at night.

Relationships Edit

  • Aodh: New partner and lover.
  • Isibeal: Clan diplomat, friend, and a colleague.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a colleague.
  • Neasa: Clan spy and a colleague.
  • Cillian: Clan jeweller and in her patronage.
  • Muiris: Clan patrol and a friend.
  • Muirne: Clan patrol and a friend.

Aislin is bisexual.

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