"Sometimes when we don't know which way to swim, the only way to swim is up."


Aislinn was born to Caderyn and Fajra, a Pearlcatcher and Ridgeback respectively. She has a Pearlcatcher sister named Benita and a Ridgeback brother named Erling. Being the youngest of her siblings, Aislinn always had the dream of leading her own clan alongside a mate. Her parents had been part of an old clan, and Aislinn was in awe of the leading abilities of the dragons.

When Aislinn was in her teens, Caderyn took her on a journey across Sornieth. Fajra was very against this trip, not wanting her mate to leave her and their two other hatchlings. Despite her objections, she knew that the trip would be good for Aislinn, who wanted to explore every inch of Sornieth.

So they left.

They began their journey in the Ashfall Wastes. Aislinn was impressed by the metalworking and commented on the fact that metalworking was a good skill



Family TreeEdit


Caderyn; Pearlcatcher


Fajra; Ridgeback

Adoptive Mother

Morrigan; Snapper


Erling; Ridgeback


Benita; Pearlcatcher


Arcano; Spiral


Jupiter; Mirror


Lark; Tundra



Adoptive Son

Salford; Coatl

Adoptive Daughter

Glacis; Guardian


"I never got to sincerely thank you for saving me, that day. I know it must have been hard to leave your mother and father back in the Windswept Plateau, but I'm glad you did. I like you being here. I like you." --Aislinn to Arcano

"That's the most I've ever heard you speak! Of course I love you too." --Aislinn's response to Arcano's proposal


  • Her name is a variant of the Irish name Aisling, which means "dream" or "vision".
  • Her main goal is to have 100 hatchlings with Arcano. So far, they have 24/100. 76 hatchlings are remaining.
  • She is currently a Fae game-wise and a Pearlcatcher lore-wise.


  • Baby Aislinn
  • Scryed Aislinn
  • Custom Progen Aislinn
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