"Sometimes when we don't know which way to swim, the only way to swim is up."



The Origins of Aislinn

Aislinn was born to Caderyn the Pearlcatcher and Fajra the Ridgeback. She had a Pearlcatcher sister named Benita and a Ridgeback brother named Erling. As the youngest of her siblings, Aislinn was barely allowed to do anything due to the overprotectiveness of her parents and the teasing of her siblings. Not to mention the fact that her parents were also leading members of the clan of Prima Disk, although not leaders themselves. Aislinn, upset by her parents' protective natures, grew up to wish to lead her own clan. The leaders of Prima Disk saw great things in Aislinn at her young age, to the pride of her parents. Aislinn soon grew to be a warrior, and she never once shirked from a fight. Never once was she derelict in her duty to the Tidelord. Whenever her home clan was threatened by dragons of other flights, she was the first to take up arms and fight against the intruders.

When Aislinn was in her teens, Caderyn took her on a journey across Sornieth. Fajra was very against this trip, not wanting her mate to leave her and their two other hatchlings. Despite her objections, she knew that the trip would be good for Aislinn, who wanted to explore every inch of Sornieth. Fajra, however, was much more skeptical than her mate. She didn't want her mate and daughter to leave, especially on the eve of Aislinn's fifteenth hatchday. However, when Fajra saw that this was something Aislinn truly wanted to do, she finally relented.

The father-daughter duo formed a plan for their journey: they would start it in the Ashfall Wastes before traveling counter-clockwise through the Shifting Expanse, Sunbeam Ruins, Viridian Labyrinth and Tangled Wood. Next they would visit the Pillar of the World in Dragonhome, before stopping by the Scarred Wasteland (although they ended up not staying there for long). Their journey took them to the Starfall Isles and from there they traveled the icefloes into the Southern Icefield. They would then end their journey in the Windswept Plateau.

Her Great Journey

The Great Journey Across Sornieth

Aislinn and Caderyn began their journey in the Ashfall Wastes. Aislinn was impressed by the metalworking and commented on the fact that metalworking was a good skill for a clan to have. She was immediately entranced with the skills of the Fire dragons, and told her father that perhaps she should take up metalworking. The two laughed at this, before continuing their journey. Next, they arrived in the Shifting Expanse where Aislinn was thrilled to meet with the engineers of the Tempest Spire. She tried her hand at some electrifying creations, but couldn't make anything for the life of her. They left the Expanse, with Aislinn being very despondent. The third stop in their journey was the Sunbeam Ruins. The two stayed there for a total of seven weeks, Aislinn interested by the ruins of the Light dragons' domain. Caderyn wanted to leave to continue their journey, but Aislinn could not be convinced to go away.

Fourth, they went to the Viridian Labyrinth, where Aislinn was quite bored and irritated with the fact that the Nature dragons wanted to blanket the world in life. She didn't get what was so great about the Labyrinth, and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Aislinn and her father then rested in the Tangled Wood, where the mysterious Shadow dragons allowed them a safe haven. Aislinn was somewhat scared by the magic of the Shadow dragons, but thrilled to get to know them nonetheless.

After the Shadow dragons, the two Pearlcatchers travelled to the Pillar of the World in Dragonhome. Aislinn was in awe of the tower, where the Eleven once resided and seemed as thought she would stay beneath it for years. She didn't, and however hesitant she was, she left the Pillar and mourned the loss of the bonds of the Eleven. Their seventh stop was the Scarred Wasteland. It would be quite the underestimation to say that Aislinn hated the Wasteland. After the fear of the Wasteland, Caderyn took his daughter somewhere he knew she would enkoy: the Starfall Isles. Aislinn loved the scholars and their studies, helping several of them as they all discovered the mysteries of the world.

From the Isles, they went to the Southern Icefield were Aislinn learned how much she hated the cold. They left the Icefield almost as quickly as they left the Wasteland.

The Pearlcatchers ended their journey in the Windswept Plateau, after which two had passed and Aislinn had grown into quite the striking young dragoness. It didn't take long for the young Aislinn to fall in love with the Plateau. Although she loves the openness of the sea, she felt truly at home in the air. After finishing their journey and heading home, Aislinn got unceremoniously swept up into the Twisting Crescendo, for it took the two Pearlcatchers by surprise. As she was not a Wind dragon, Aislinn couldn't navigate the cruel winds. While being tossed and battered by the Crescendo, Aislinn feared she would never see her family again, that she wouldn't survive...

Fortunately, this did not come to pass.

At the time, Arcano and his two friends Fergus and Feichin had been exploring the Crescendo and heard Aislinn's shouts for help. They assisted her, saving her from the hurricane and bringing her to a small and secluded alclove where they nursed her back to health. Although Fergus and Feichin went back to their clan and came to see them every once and a while, Arcano stayed with Aislinn the entire time. Over the next few days, Aislinn and Arcano grew closer and closer. Less than three hours before Caderyn found them, Arcano confessed his love to Aislinn and the two became mates.

Although originally wary of Arcano, Caderyn was grateful to the Spiral for saving his daughter. Caderyn invited the Spiral to the clan of Prima Disk and Arcano accepted, but stated he had to say goodbye to his family first. When they returned to Prima Disk, Arcano was awarded a high position for saving Aislinn, but turned it down; the Pearlcatcher's love was reward enough. After living together in Prima Disk for a year, Aislinn found her life unfulfilling. She wished to leave the clan and form her own, which Arcano gladly followed. So the mated pair left Prima Disk, to Caderyn and Fajra's pride and joy, who told the two to visit when they could, something Aislinn has always done.

The Moonlit Waves

Aislinn and Arcano's New Lives

As they continued their travels together, Aislinn and Arcano soon came upon two eggs: a Water egg and an Ice egg. The two were abandoned, in an old nest and obviously hadn't been incubated for a while, though they were very close to hatching. The den they found the eggs were torn apart and battered, with dried blood staining some corners. It was clearly as old beastclan raid, and the two eggs were the only thing left from the raid. Although Arcano wanted to adopt the eggs, Aislinn was a little more skeptical. However, it didn't take long for her mate to convince her.

Several months after they found the eggs, they hatched into the young dragons Salford and Glacis. Soon after the hatching of the two little ones, Aislinn and her mate came across the Empire of the Moonlit Waves, the clan that inhabited the Star-Touched Atoll. They at once knew they were home, and went to Empress Morrigan to ask for a home. The Empress accepted, and so Aislinn became a seer while her mate became an artist. Over time, Aislinn became quite beloved in the clan. Nearly everyone came to her when they had a problem, and she was almost always able to solve it. A few years after they joined, Morrigan needed an heir after her daughters all left to serve the Tidelord. She chose Aislinn for this role, elevating her to the position of High Queen.

Role as Empress

Empress Aislinn
Aislinn's first few years of reign were harsh, as the clan was ravaged by a plague and several natural disasters which caused many dragons to flee, believing her to be an ill-fated leader. Aislinn, however, never let this faze her, and instead continued to fight for the growth of the clan, still the warrior she was in her youth.

The Present

Aislinn's Present
Coming soon...



Aislinn is 39 years old and an Aquarius, being slightly younger than her mate. She is an alto, bordering on mezzo-soprano. Her ID is 46264064. Her surname was originally Niallais, but she changed it to O'Sheridan upon joining the Empire. Her full name is Aislinn Mairin O'Sheridan.

Family Tree


Sired by Caderyn the Pearlcatcher

Mothered by Fajra the Ridgeback

Mothered (adopted) by Morrigan the Snapper

Married to Arcano the Spiral


Mothered her son (birth) Jupiter the Tundra

Mothered her daughters (birth) Lark the Mirror, Opal the Nocturne and Phoebe the Bogsneak

Mothered her son (adopted) Salford the Coatl

Mothered her daughter (adopted) Glacis the Guardian


Brother is Erling the Ridgeback

Sister is Benita the Pearlcatcher

Nephews and Nieces
Aunt to Katsuki the Pearlcatcher


Arcano The love of her life. Aislinn thinks his quiet, pacifist nature can be a little annoying at times but this never changed her feelings for him.
Salford Her first son. Although he is quite the hoarder, Aislinn loves him all the same. She believed he made an excellent choice becoming mates with Roshanara.
Glacis Her first daughter. Aislinn is in awe of her healing skills, but worries about her violent tendancies.


"I never got to sincerely thank you for saving me, that day. I know it must have been hard to leave your mother and father back in the Windswept Plateau, but I'm glad you did. I like you being here. I like you." --Aislinn to Arcano

"That's the most I've ever heard you speak! Of course I love you too." --Aislinn's response to Arcano's proposal

"I am your queen, Abbas! I will not tolerate this blatant disrespect towards me and my consort. I have put up with this for far too long. I understand that you are one of our oldest members and that was why I did nothing to reprimand you. But I have had enough. You will be punished." --Aislinn to Abbas after he insults her one too many times


  • Her name is a variant of the Irish name Aisling, which means "dream" or "vision".
  • Her hatchday is October 23, 2018.
  • Her main goal is to have 100 hatchlings with Arcano. So far, they have 24/100. 76 hatchlings are remaining.
  • She is currently a Fae game-wise and a Pearlcatcher lore-wise.
Ask a Dragon! "Aislinn"

StormyDragonGirl (ID: 333314) asked:

"Good day, your highness. I understand that you and Arcano fell for each other quite quickly. My question is, other than the fact that he saved your life, what attracted you to him when you were first getting to know each other?"

Aislinn's Reply:

"When I first met Arcano I wanted to kill him.

No joke! I was one of the most proud warriors my clan has ever produced and there I was, being saved by a lowly Wind dragon! It's quite shameful @StormyDragonGirl, but it's true.

As for falling in love with him...

It was a mixture of the fact that he saved me and that he never said much. He's not mute, and even if he only speaks on rare occasions I still love him. It's that reason why I love him in fact! He's not one for mindless chatter!"


  • Baby Aislinn
  • Scryed Aislinn
  • Custom Progen Aislinn

A Short Story

The Pearlcatcher spread her wings in the shimmering light of the "dawn", or what Water dragons called the first light since obviously the sun couldn't rise underwater. Though she was usually up before first light, today was one of the rare days this Pearlcatcher slept in much later. Climbing out of her nest, the Pearlcatcher looked down to realize that a Spiral was wrapped around her neck. With a sigh she tapped the Spiral's neck
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