WIP - was drawn to the clan because of Quara, sticks around because of their bond and the friendships he's made


WIP - friendly, level-headed, standard Skydancer opinions on hatchlings (doesn't like to see them go), very supportive of Quara and her confusing visions, playful, can be a bit of a prankster when bored


WIP - average sized for a male Skydancer, gembond doesn't bother him or hinder his movement too much, usually smiling, friendly face and gentle mannerisms make him a hit with hatchlings


WIP - uses his Skydancer ESP to keep track of the intentions of those who are taking things from the hoard, very good head for numbers, helps Quara interpret her dreams as best he can - his ESP is surprisingly helpful in this regard as well


  • Akari was hatched on June 4, 2014
  • His best friend in the clan is Vyrus, who he looks up to as an older brother of sorts
  • Icarus loves messing with Akari; the older Skydancer is constantly flirting with Quara and then turning around to flirt with Akari whenever he protests
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