Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Alaria feels a deep connection with Lightning dragons and Nature dragons. Because of this she tries to incorporate both technology and traditional natural remedies into her healing.

She also shares a few qualities of both flights, it's odd, but somehow works.

She's enjoys gardening and has her own personal herb garden which she tends to with care. The garden is located inside of the clan and is carefully temperature controlled. Alaria has installed an air conditioner to help keep the plants cool, as well has sprinklers carefully programmed to go off a certain times for certain herbs. In her garden room is a skylight which is programmed to shine a certain amount of light on the different herbs to keep them healthy.

She also has a room in which she keeps advanced medical equipment in. Often she likes to fiddle with the equipment to constantly improve it. She has specially made prosthetics for every breed of dragon that she can hook up to their nerves if they happen to lose a limb. She also has precise technology for surgeries and to make healing a better experience for every dragon. Alaria has a piles and piles of wiring and metal in the back corner of this room with half finished projects. She enjoys to switch to invention to invention, just messing with the technology to keep herself busy.

Like most spirals she's energetic and she has to be constantly moving and occupied. Being a healer helps with this, and due to her high energy levels she can easily help multiple dragons at once, but this makes focusing on bigger, longer more serious surgeries more difficult for her.

Still she manages.

She is responsible for rebuilding Stormyskies after his accident and most of his body was built by her.

Personality Edit

She's energetic and a little strict. However compared to the clan's other healer Hecate, Alaria is definitely the more cheerful of the two.

Relationships Edit

Hecate: Her fellow healer

Corkscrew: She repaired his spine.

Stormyskies: She built him new wings and organs.

Trivia Edit

  • She's bisexual
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