The Bejewelled of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Trained as a dancer in her small and not very well known clan of origin, Alastriona always aspired to bigger things. It was her ambitions as an artist that led her to leave her birth clan, and the growing prominence of the Red Kingdom that led her to take a chance on being accepted there—even crossing elemental borders to do so, though her clan of origin had had friendly relations with the Red Kingdom in the past. On her arrival, she displayed herself to best effect, with the calculated intention of being accepted into the clan. She succeeded—though not quite in the way she was expecting.

While she was staying at the Red Kingdom as a dancer in residence, Cillian took an interest in her, surprising her with gifts of finely wrought jewellery. Soon after, she discovered that the pieces were not expensive purchases, as she had originally assumed, but the work of his own hands. She fell head over heels in love with him and joyously agreed to be his mate, leading to her being extended the invitation to stay permanently. She was absorbed quite happily into his family, and has remained with the clan ever since—not for ambition, but for love.

Clan Role Edit

As a dancer, Alastriona serves as one of the primary entertainers for the Red Kingdom. Unlike Cinaed or Bronach, whose entertainments are primarily for the benefit of the clan itself, Alastriona principally entertains visitors and guests, her talents being used to impress upon them the culture and status of the clan. She does perform for her clan and family, but these performances are typically much more casual, lighthearted, and friendly; when making her proper, staged performances, she bears herself with a deliberate, untouchable air of elegance. Her days are primarily taken up with practicing her dances and working on new choreographies; she also teaches members of the clan the basics of dance when they need it for a social function—or just for fun.

Personality Edit

Poised, elegant, and utterly charming, Alastriona is a born performer. Of course, some of her elegance is trained or put on—but that, too, is part of the performance, and is as important a skill to her work as her dancing itself. She trains hard, always pushing herself to her limits, but works equally hard to make her art seem effortless. She loves the attention, and can be self-centred or a bit egotistical at times, but in an endearing way: she loves her clan and her family, and knows that the greatest gift she can give them is herself. She serves as Cillian's muse and inspiration as well as his partner, and has an affectionately spoiled relationship with Bairre, who often brings her jewels at a special price.

Relationships Edit

  • Cillian: Partner and lover.
  • Ronan: Cillian's father, and family.
  • Neasa: Cillian's mother, and family.
  • Ciardha: Cillian's grandfather, and family.
  • Bronach: Clan bard and a colleague.
  • Cinaed: Clan storyteller and a colleague.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a collaborator.

Alastriona is bisexual.

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