Alcyone is the shared leader of the Aurigae of Pergamon Mountain Clan with his older sister Gianfar, but his role is to act as an echo chamber for her opinions. He has never disagreed with her. By all appearances he seems like a complete puppet. But where everyone else sees a dragon who does what he is told to do by whoever is in power, there actually exists a soul made of steel. Alcie adores Gia and is absolutely loyal to her and only her. So where other dragons see servility and degradation, there is actually bravery and faithfulness, but only towards one dragon, Gianfar. He doesn’t truly care about anyone else, except on a superficial level.

As twin leaders Gia and Alcie have had to share responsibilities. Neither of them likes to be in contact with the outside world, but at least Gia can manage it on some level (with Reira’s help), so Alcie gets to handle the business inside the Aurigae.

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