Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Close friends of Amarathine will describe her as a 'literal ray of sunshine'

She's cheerful and easily excitable. She loves to helps others and to make them happy.

She's an optimist and sees the best in everyone.

No situation keeps her down for long.

She's also quite clever, and a quick learner.

However, since taking a wrong turn to her new clan Ton Theon she ended up in the Hewn City and was captured by Ar and One.

Amaranthine believed she could trust them to bring her home safely, but her trust was broken with dire consequences.

She has been infected. Ar injected her with Shade, and the substance has taken over her body.

Her blood has turned black. Her eyes are black. Black goop leaks from her mouth and she has covered her pearl with the substance. Her mind has fogged and everything is painful.

She can no longer think as brightly as she did before. She won't be back to being her usual sunshine self until the infected has been fought off.

In the Hewn City with her mind fogged she found her hope. Isra, the imp promised to protect her. And he helped to clear some of the fog from her head. She fell in love with him. Out of all of the darkness around her he shown bright like a beacon.

He helped saved her from the City and now she has finally arrived in Clan Ton Theon.

Her infection is mostly gone, but the Shade is a pesky thing to get rid of and some still lingers. She often coughs up the black substance and she's weaker than ever before, but she's getting better every day.

Personality Edit

A ray of sunshine.

Relationships Edit

Isra: Her husband

Trivia Edit

  • She's pan ace
  • Her theme is Amaranthe-Amaranthine
  • Her name means immortal, undying and a deep purple color
  • She is a descendant of Bahamut
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