The Primals

Background Edit

Ammil was groomed to be the leader of her clan once the current leader grew too old. She was chosen due to her primal abilities and she was proud of the opportunity. She looked forward to leading her clan someday in the future. She enjoyed every lesson she learned. From a young age she learned much about compassion and diplomacy. She learned how to cease fighting and how to listen carefully to others. She learned to listen, but also hat not everyone could be pleased. She learned that sometimes the best that could be done was a compromise. She learned all of the skills she needed to become a great leader someday.

But Ammil didn't just want to sit in the safety of the clan and lead. She wanted to experience what her clanmates did. She wanted to help them hunt and defend for the clan. So she often went on patrols with them. But one day an unexpected ice storm snuck up on a patrol Ammil was part of. she was separated from her clan mates in the confusion, and never made it back to the clan.

Ammil was lost in a white wasteland, with not a single living creature in sight. What was worse was that Ammil had also struggled to regulate her body temperature. She had trouble keeping heat in, even under her thick fur coat. She almost froze to death, but a Frozen Goblin found her and curled up beside her to keep her warm.

It was her Frozen Goblin who suggested that Ammil meet an Arcane primal by the name of Grim. Grim was providing a safe place for any primal dragons to stay in. Ammil could stay with him if she was unable to find her clan. It was better than staying in the freezing Southern Ice fields.

Personality Edit

Kind, wise and level headed

Relationships Edit

Grim: She respects him

Trivia Edit

  • Pansexual and trans
  • Name meaning: The glittering layer of ice that dusts leaves, twigs, and grace after a freeze
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