An excerpt of my old bio for them Edit

Head Fisher, Water-keeper, member of the Marine Forces

Came pre-named.

Anwyl is the primary fisher in the Clan, as well as being Foinse's partner in maintaining the rivers and lakes around the forest. The two are good friends, as Anwyl is an old soul and balances out Foinse's even-temperedness with a good-heartedness of her own.

Out of the water, Anwyl is very shambling and a constant stream of laid back entertainment; like a little old Southern lady who knows that no one will call her on exaggerating in her stories. In the water, she's in her element as the apex predator she is.

This Bogsneak may be friendlier than others, but she draws the line at her lair. Not even Foinse can come in, and only Boran knows where it's located. It lays on the southern border, in the thick of the vines and rotted wood. Half of it is underwater, and half is on dry land. Every day, she swims north through the swamp and past Milyar and Festal to the general gathering place.

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