The Flametender of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Like many others of his species, Aodh was something of a wanderer before settling down in the Red Kingdom. Though originally hailing from Light territories, he travelled most extensively in the Ashfall Waste, where he gained an appreciation for the uses of flame and received some training in metalworking. Liking what he found, he began honing his native elemental abilities, eventually succeeding in melding light with fire to create something all his own.

He was passing through the Red Kingdom—conferencing, particularly, with Caoimhe, who also uses a unique combined elemental magic—when Aislin made one of her periodic trips home from her ambassadorial duties. Immediately enchanted with her, he declared his intention to stay that very night, and quickly installed himself as a feature of the lair. He courted Aislin slowly over the course of several visits home, always happy to let her leave and return to him; though initially not looking for love, she eventually found herself won over by his gently charming ways, and at last accepted his offer of partnership. Though he does occasionally travel with her, Aodh has found to his surprise that he prefers staying in one place; they spend on average one week together out of every month, and are perfectly happy with the arrangement.

Clan Role Edit

Much like the magic he employs, Aodh's role in the clan is nebulous and a bit hard to define. His primary function is as keeper of the fires in the lair, whether that means the large fires that warm the common areas, the work fires used by Cillian or the clan's primary magic users, or the candles that light the inner caves and the lair at night. His work is carried out through coordination with Sadbh, the housekeeper, and Grainne, who guards the lair itself. Though he is a magic-user, he does not work in magical study—or even seem to actively use his magic—as the other mages do; instead, he feeds it into the fires he tends, spreading warmth and protection to all those who step within his circle of flames. He also has some training as a smith, and makes repairs or refurbishments to the lair's metalworkings as needed.

Personality Edit

Warm and good-natured, Aodh has much in common with the tamed fires he tends—which may explain part of why he took to them so well. His primary goal as a member of the clan is to take care of people: never having realized how lonely he was as a rootless vagabond, he is regularly amazed at the joys that come of having a home, mate, and family, and is always looking for little ways to give back. He is gently charming, a touch playful, and quietly friendly with all of his clanmates, but reserves a special place in his heart for Aislin, whose returns to the lair regularly send him into a frenzy of energy rarely seen otherwise.

Relationships Edit

  • Aislin: Partner and lover.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and a colleague.
  • Grainne: Guardian of the lair and a colleague.
  • Mathuin: Clan magician and a collaborator.
  • Caoimhe: Clan sorceress and a collaborator.
  • Cillian: Clan jeweller and a collaborator.
  • Bronach: Clan bard and a friend.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a friend.

Aodh is bisexual.

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