The Mapmaker of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Adopted into the Red Kingdom at a very young age from a friendly Arcane clan, Aoibhin has spent her entire life surrounded by love and secure in her place in the world. She grew up adventurously, always getting into things she shouldn't have been. She was already something of an explorer when Somhairle first arrived as a guest of the clan, and his interest in her and her growing affection for him in return only saw that quality cemented in her.

Since that time, she has only honed her skills, forging off into the wilds of the Red Kingdom and the surrounding region with increasing regularity. She is always happy to come home, though, and no matter how far she travels, she always knows where it is she belongs.

Clan Role Edit

As one of the clan's primary explorers, Aoibhin's chief responsibility is in documenting the land features of the Red Kingdom and expanding their understanding of the nearby regions. She has a specific interest in mapmaking, and received training in cartography from Saraid, whom she soon surpassed in skill—especially as it comes to the practical applications thereof. Along with Somhairle, Naomh, and often Eibhlin, she travels clan lands, nearby kingdoms, and unoccupied lands, sketching her maps and expanding the clan's horizons all the while. It is Aoibhin who has been responsible for the discovery of most of the Red Kingdom's useful, unusual, or otherwise notable land features.

Personality Edit

Accustomed to being loved and looked after by her family, Aoibhin is a bright and affectionate soul who responds to care like a flower to the sun. She trusts easily and without ulterior motives, but she's not a sheltered innocent—having grown up knowing what true affection looks like, she has a very good sense of when she's being toyed with or manipulated. She has an iron will and strong principles, and when she sets her mind to a course of action, there's very little that can turn her away from it. Her stubbornness can at times drive Somhairle to distraction, but he remains singularly devoted to her, and she to him.

Relationships Edit

  • Somhairle: Partner and lover.
  • Naomh: Clan explorer and a collaborator.
  • Eibhlin: Explorative mimic and a collaborator.
  • Saraid: Clan advisor and a collaborator.
  • Seaghdha: Clan illuminator and a collaborator.
  • Bairre: Clan merchant and a friend.

Aoibhin is bisexual.

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