The Aurigae of Pergamon Mountain Clan is a force to be reckoned with and in Arcaniel's colours, that resemble Arcanist so closely they saw a fortuitous omen. She is now a chronicler of knowledge and even though the role actually suits her, she never had any say in her destiny and she resents the rigid rules that govern all of her interactions with the outside world. The way she sees it is that she will never gain any real knowledge about the world if everything happens through a ritual, and she will never hear the real stories that dragons, beastclans, and other beings have to tell, so she regularly escapes from under the watchful eyes of Gianfar and Alcyone .

At first their solution was to tighten their grip on their acolytes and scholars, to give more severe punishments for disobedience. But it soon proved unfruitful, as Arcaniel still kept escaping over and over again, for longer periods of time. So they tried a different approach. Arcaniel now has a guardian, another Fae called Lamitrinia. His real purpose is to keep Arcaniel safe when she inevitably escapes but at the same time he provides her companionship and a friendly ear.

But still, Arcaniel knows that no matter how far she goes, she will always have to return, for she believes it really is her duty. And in the end she does not know how far Lamitrinia’s friendship goes. Does it exceed his duty to Gianfar and Alcyone? Does she even want to test it?

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