This tiny Fae is Sariafjel’s husband. He is a peaceful and domestic sort of person so his love for the brash Guardian raises many eyebrows. He met her while taking a nighttime walk and happening upon a scene of unrest. Three large dragons were threatening Sariafjel and a nervous looking Mirror dragon behind her. He later learned that the Mirror dragon was some kind of an heir and she was working as his bodyguard, but for the moment he only saw a fierce beauty taking down all three of them while laughing with unadulterated joy. He was immediately smitten. The Guardian wasn’t at all interested in his advances at first, all but flicking the tiny annoyance away when he came to call, but he persisted and eventually she relented and allowed him to start proper courtship.

Even after years spent together he still adores his wife and is happy that she found a job with purpose on the Pergamon Guard.

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