The wife of general Bralzrim, Aries is the captain of the royal guard in Clan Scribbles. This is a position equal to his, as the royal guard operates completely separate from the rest of the army. They are left over from the time where Galdera and Verona ran the clan on their own, and now assure the safety of the Three. In the case of an emergency, it is Aries’ task to evacuate them from the site of an attack or natural disaster.

Because of the nature of her work, it’s not uncommon to see Aries patrolling the maze-like halls of the Lair of the Three. On her breaks, she’s likely to be found sharing a meal with her husband, and catching up. She often gives new representatives directions to the meeting room, if Orion or Brooke hasn’t met them at the entrance yet.

History Edit

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