Background Edit

Ashane is a third generation member of Ouahe. Both her parents and grandparents have left the clan, but she stays behind to help Candace by training both new clan members and travelers just passing through.

Personality Edit

Ashane is fiercely protective of Candace, but she's not sure if it's just love or if Candace is her Charge. She's too afraid to leave Candace and discover one, but she also feels like she's not good enough for Candace without having a Charge for sure. Sometimes she'll try to make decision to stay or leave and the anxiety will paralyze her. Ashane's greatest fear is that she won't be considered useful and will be forced to leave. Candace has no idea about any of this.

Appearance Edit

Veteran's Leg Scars

Ashane wears scavenged (typically mismatched) pieces of armor that are only just better than going without and is scarred in places where the defective pieces have failed in the past.. Ashane fights so often that she is almost always seen with bandages on. She tries to keep them clean, but sometimes she's too busy to change them right when she should.

Hoard Edit

Bloodscale Helmet

Ashane collects pieces of armor she can either wear right away or don't need much fixing. She uses pieces of linen as bandages and makes sure to have a steady supply of that as well. There are also a few bloody bandages she's been meaning to wash in her hoard somewhere...

  • Bloodscale Greaves
  • Bloodscale Helmet
  • Bloody Chest Bandage
  • Bloody Head Bandage
  • Bloody Wing Bandages
  • Dented Iron Boots
  • Dented Iron Gauntlets
  • Dented Iron Gorget
  • Dented Iron Pauldrons
  • Moonscale Chest Guard
  • Steelscale Chest Guard
  • Tarnished Steel Belt
  • Tarnished Steel Guantlets
  • White Linen Arm Wraps
  • White Linen Leg Wraps
Southmarsh Podid Claws

Ashane didn't used to bring parts of her foes back to the lair unless it could be eaten, but the more she fights the less gross she finds trophies.

  • Baku Tusk
  • Celestial Horn
  • Clouddancer Hide
  • Common Podid Claws
  • Fragile Antler
  • Harpy Masque
  • Hematite
  • Jeweled Octoflyer Beak
  • Magnetite
  • Octoflyer Beak
  • Rambra Horn
  • Seeker Broach (with the hopes of giving it to Candace one day)
  • Sickle Claws
  • Snowfall Elk Pelt
  • Silver Horn
  • Southmarsh Podid Claws
  • Sunspot Clouddancer Hide
  • Toridae Chew Toy
  • Warbeast Tusk
  • Zeeba Horn

Trivia Edit

  • Ashane has a completely rational hatred of Toridaes. She hates Croakers too, but nowhere near as much. Sometimes, one of either will follow her home and she'll have to keep it hidden until she can bring it to Baldwin for transmutation. Once Isambard joined the clan it became much easier to hide them.
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