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As mate to Estella, Ashton is second in command and he performs his duties well. He was not always so level headed. As a mercenary, Ashton was hot headed and impulsive, always ready for a fight. That was until he met the level-headed Estella who was able to bring him down to earth and able to put his energy and fighting skills to good use.

Now, he is strong and courageous, teaching young dragons to defend themselves and the clan. While glimmers of his past show through when confronted with danger, he is still a valuable asset to the clan. Not liking to be cornered, he often goes for long runs with his mate to drain energy and strengthen his hunting skills.

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When he’s not lecturing and slapping around his students, Ashton likes tussling with his familiar and other warriors as well as pulling pranks of visitors and hatchlings.

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