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Other dragons occasionally describe Astral as "a living disaster". Her insatiable curiosity is mixed with a total disregard for the possible consequences of her actions, and she will happily do whatever it takes to answer whichever extremely important question is on her mind today, completely oblivious to the chaos she wreaks in the process.

Her capricious nature makes her difficult to pin down, and it's hard to have a serious conversation with her because she will inevitably become distracted by something and forget she was talking in the first place. Most dragons have given up asking her if she could please stop setting fire to things so close to their lair, and have instead relocated to a safe distance away. If Astral has noticed the strange lack of neighbours, she doesn't appear to care.

Astral has lost count of the number of times she's almost died from "experiments" gone wrong, but this doesn't seem to bother her. She appears to have incredible luck, avoiding the worst of explosions by the skin of her teeth and moving at just the right moment to avoid being crushed by that enraged Yeti. If her luck has held out this far, she argues, there's no reason it should fail her any time soon.

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