An excerpt of my old bio for them Edit

Motherly, prim. Aggressively makes sure you're succeeding. Loves her work, will often sit back and admire it, secretly giddy that she can achieve such perfect summaries and penmanship. Secretly a big sweetie, just doesn't like being made a fool of like when she was a hatchling, for being such a driven, goofy gal. Mumbles to herself a lot. Isolates herself.

Loves dozing in water. 

My pure grey girl. Life's too hard for her.

Biography Edit

She was well-loved in her time in the Clan, and her death by mysterious circumstances rocked all of her relatives to the core.

Theme song is Beside You by Phidel.

Family Connections Edit

Aulay actually was one of the most connected dragons in the Clan. Edit

Bairoth’s daughter

Ietoro and Seranida’s granddaughter

Veille and Mirava’s great granddaughter

Akeyol’s great granddaughter

Shallan and Jadis’ great granddaughter

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