Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

Her father was power hungry and wished to become a god. He had high expectation for Aureole to gain as much power as she could. Instead of showing his daughter any love, he only groomed her to become as power hungry as himself.

And when Aureole disappointed him, she learned to fear him. Her father was far from a nice man. When he did achieve godhood she knew she could never disappoint him again.

Or else she might just not survive.

Personality Edit

A perfectionist who only knows how to manipulate and gain power. She doesn't know how to show affection, or truly care about anyone.

She is terrified or being alone, and terrified of relying on anyone.

Relationships Edit

Sepulchral: Aureole's first romantic relationship. She never really liked Sepulchral and was only using him so that he would protect her from Shining or her father.

Shiningscourge: She once viewed Shining as a mother. Instead of yelling at her, Shining would praise her. But in the end this was only a temporary relationship to Shining and she abandoned Aureole when she had her biological hatchlings.

Inkdrop: Aureole was supposed to trap Inkdrop and use her power for Shiningscourge, but because Aureole failed, Aureole's fate became what Inkdrop's was supposed to be.

Trivia Edit

  • She's pansexual
  • Theme song is All Those Pretty Lights- Andrew Belle
  • Name meaning: a circle of light or brightness surrounding something, especially as depicted in art around the head or body of a person represented as holy.
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