Background Edit

WIP - Joined soon after the founding of the clan, found her niche in caring for the familiars the clan began gathering, has become so attache to the familiars in her care that it would be impossible for her to leave the clan now

Personality Edit

WIP - Very kind and caring, wants what's best for everyone but believes familiars are generally treated unfairly and wants to change that, thinks the Beastclans deserve more respect and believes whole-heartedly that Beastclans and dragons can co-exist, not great at being a mother - has too many other creatures to care about

Appearance Edit

WIP - Long and lean with average-sized wings, her mane is wavy and generally kept pretty long, bracelets and necklace were a gift from Ceph, usually surrounded by all sorts of familiars and other animals

Abilities Edit

WIP - Very good at telling exactly what a familiar or other creature needs, nurturing and gentle, could probably be a healer for dragons as well if she applied her knowledge elsewhere, a calming presence around the lair

Trivia Edit

  • Avia was hatched on April 17, 2014
  • She joined the clan as a Tundra, but was quickly changed into a Pearlcatcher after meeting her first mate, Cephissus
  • Avia now nests with Gilded on a semi-regular basis, but her heart will always belong to Ceph
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