Avior is Seer and Mystic of Pergamon Mountain Clan. He demonstrated ability to see things other dragons couldn’t see from a very early age and so when he arrived to the clan as a young hatchling he was made to study the Arcane lore and Magic. No one ever asked him what he wanted.

His powers grew with age and so did his fame. Dragons are even coming from far away to hear about their future or of the destiny of someone lost to their sight. But even if those dragons seek him out for his ability, they also shun him for it. Some dragons just keep a respectful distance while others downright fear him. There are even dragons in the clan who scare their young ones by telling them that Avior will come and take them away if they don’t behave. But all the varied reasons don’t matter to him. All that matters is that the other dragons avoid him and he is terribly lonely. He is a member of the Aurigae but isn't fully accepted even by them as he is not an Arcane dragon.

He only has his companion Gienah and the clan Matriarch Neria who will keep him company and talk to him, but as they are both often busy with their own duties he spends most of his time alone in a company of strangers who just want him for his gift. Or curse as he would say.

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