Biography[edit | edit source]

The matron of her family, Ayella is introspective and stately, intellectual and majestic. The Clan holds her up as a leadership figure and relies on her to have the final say in crisis situations. She and her mate Boran stay in the largest cave in the Clan's grounds with their hatchling Bellron, and for the most part she stays within close proximity of the cave. Ayella loves her family more than anything, and thinks of the Clan as her wards. Although she didn't have many close personal relations with anyone outside of her immediate family, she was always available for a conversation. However, most of the Clans' respect for her soured into apprehension, and few took the initiative to seek her out.

All of her appearances are carefully calculated and emotionally controlled, but sincere and frequent. Used to think of her the Valley as her charge, but acknowledges the benefits of keeping it half ungrown. The Clan still thinks that she considers them her charges, but her feelings have changed throughout the years of leadership. She is now closed off, dignified, with tension nearly always boiling away under her scales.

Lady of the Glade[edit | edit source]

Her title of Lady of the Glade serves as a symbolic embodiment of the Gladekeeper's spirit. While she doesn't interpret any messages or prophecies, the heart of what makes Nature flight, Nature, is her responsibility to maintain.

☀She has had to become an extension of the Gladekeeper's values to hold the Clan together. 

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