Background Edit

Aylith can remember the constant hunger than hollowed her out and filled her veins with fire. She was born to a mirror pack in the outer reaches of the Crystalspine Reaches and does not remember her parents. She can remember the thrill of the hunt however, and the insatiable need for something more, a hunger that food could not effect. 

As soon as she was old enough she separated from the pack and ran to the Starwood Strand, following the faint feeling that it was there that she would finally manage to sate her unknown hunger. It was there that she met Dythalla. The two started a new clan in the Crystalspine Reaches and for the first time in her memory, Aylith was satisfied.

She is the clan’s strongest physical fighter, and trains in the Coliseum whenever she can. Aylith never wants to be put in a situation where she is not strong enough to defend her clan. She also greatly enjoys training other dragons in her spare time, both to help them and for her own enjoyment. She is quick tempered (and when she is truly enraged, she makes a terrifying sight) but would never harm a clanmate, outsiders might not be so lucky.

Personality Edit

She is the overall leader of the clan, and she takes the safety and health of its members incredibly seriously. She is motivated to make her clan the best it can possibly be and so can be a strict leader. However, Aylith strives to be honorable and unbiased in her decisions and that not every dragon is as ambitious as she is. She loves every dragon in the clan as if they were her own hatchlings, though she is not exactly what one would call ‘verbally expressive’ about it. Everyone knows anyway.

Appearance Edit

Aylith doesn't care much for appearances, but she is quite fond of her base colors.

Abilities Edit

Aylith is one of the clan's three lvl 25s and is almost always a part of the coli team as a fighter. She is the strongest physical fighter in the clan.

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite thing to do is to train new dragons
  • Her mate is Dythalla
  • She thinks his puns are funny and will never ever admit this
  • Her Hatchday is November 17, 2014
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