A silent Tundra who enjoys the simpler things in life. While he doesn't go out much during the warmer months of the year beyond grazing, he enjoys the winter with the clan, helping find food for his lairmates and providing an extra amount of security.

Background Edit

Baekhyun joined the clan after he'd reached adulthood, long after he had been traveling from one place to another in search of a clan that would fit his lifestyle. From his original home in the Sunbeam Ruins to the expanses of the Southern Icefield, the young Tundra had wandered until he came upon a newly formed clan that was settled inside the Crystalpine Reaches. An evening spent with them was all he meant to do, but the clan was warm despite the cold of the winter month he arrived in, and he chose to remain as time went on.

Though he speaks little, Baekhyun has a wonderful singing voice and he uses it in the winter to entertain both adults and hatchlings alike during the cold, snow-covered times. He also enjoys hunting during the winter, bringing back food stores with the help of his fellow gatherers to continue to supplement the clan's food supply to help ensure they survive till next spring.

It was during one of the gathering missions after joining the gathering troop of Clan Vendela when Baekhyun met Casimira. She was a shy, soft-spoken Nocturne with an intelligent mind and a talent for music. The combination of her desire to make music, and Baekhyun's talent for singing, the two immediately grew closer, using the gathering outings as opportunities to get to know one another. It didn't take long before Baekhyun found himself being attracted to the Nocturne, who had slowly grown on him with her music, her wit, and her attentive eye to detail whenever they went gathering. The two eventually became mates, hatching three eggs of their own in one of the clan nests. But, as was almost customary with Clan Vendela, their children were exalted to serve the Arcanist, to thank him for his protection and guidance. At first, Baekhyun was saddened to see his children go, but Casimira was pleased with the valiant decision of her offspring, and promised Baekhyun that when they were ready once more, they would have more children, and that they would stay with them and with the clan.

Personality Edit

Baekhyun is silent, generous, and trustworthy. These qualities endeared him not only to Lyra, the clan leader, but to Asgore, the clan patriarch, as well. He enjoys singing and quiet entertainment, finding that he has a way with the hatchlings, often going to help with the hatchlings in the nursery. He has a softly presented zest for life that often leads to him wandering around the Reaches alone, admiring the handiwork of the dragons from ages long past.

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