"Yeah, I am lazy. There's no doubt about that."

Wind Ambassador and Courier of Claws of the Gladekeeper.

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Please, whatever you do don’t use his full name. He hates it. That’s the name his father gave him and its such an icky mouthful why would anyone inflict such a name on their child? He much prefers just ‘Honda’. The only time you’ll hear his full name is when Calli is yelling it when he’s in trouble.

Honda is the fastest courier of the clan. If letters or specific packages need to be delivered between clans he’s the one who takes them. It isn’t unoften to see his satchels full to bursting with goodies to deliver to friendly clans. He’s a very laid back Coatl and loves swimming or laying out on a beach belly side up for rubs from his very understanding (if very serious) mate Calli. He is also mostly seen as the Wind Ambassador for the clan which… worries some dragons as Honda can’t speak draconic. However, there’s never seemed to be a problem with his inability to speak in anything but hums.

When he isn’t flying all over the place Honda can usually be found sleeping, laying around, eating, or in general being a lazy sack of ****. He likes to play on the beaches of the Sea when the ship passes over it and will splash around in the shallows happily though Honda is honestly a very poor swimmer.

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