The Merchant of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

A trader and longtime traveller, Bairre has been making trips back and forth across the world with his caravan ever since he was a youth. He hails originally from an Ice clan, but has largely cut ties with them owing to his desire to travel and trade freely with clans of all Flights; even his present-day association with the Red Kingdom is loose at best.

Originally, the Red Kingdom was just one of many stops on his regular trade routes, and he established himself as a friendly and efficient merchant who could procure the supplies the clan needed from distant regions. It was only when Aine settled in at the Red Kingdom that his status began to change: instantly attracted to her, he soon altered his routes to visit more regularly, and they had a long, slow courtship that began initially as a friendship. With the eventual formalization of their partnership, he was given a place as a member of the clan, and shifted his trade policies to be for the profit of the Red Kingdom rather than for his own livelihood—but aside from those priorities, he still functions largely as an independent entity, setting his own routes and bowing to no authority.

Clan Role Edit

As a trader, Bairre ranges far and wide across the world seeking out useful supplies, bartering for items, and selling the fruits of the Red Kingdom's labour. He works particularly with Eimhin, who supplies much of his scavenged material as goods for Bairre's caravan, and Sadbh, who, as the housekeeper for the clan, organizes requisition lists for the Red Kingdom as a whole and makes sure all the goods get where they need to be. He also collaborates with Cillian and Alastriona, the clan's jeweller and dancer; though they could just as easily take their requests through Sadbh, they enjoy the more personal touch of dealing with Bairre himself.

Personality Edit

Bairre is shrewd, efficient, and a very accomplished trader. He has a sardonic sense of humour, an easy manner, and an affable sort of friendliness that belies his competence: he is tough as nails under the surface, and not one to suffer fools or let anyone get away with cheating him. Though he is occasionally accompanied by various travellers, and sometimes takes his caravan along Muiris and Muirne's patrol route, he most often travels alone—so he has to be both skilled and self-sufficient. He gets along well with most people he meets and is very easily able to chat with strangers, but it's mostly patter until he gets to know someone fairly well.

Relationships Edit

  • Aine: Partner and lover.
  • Eimhin: Clan scavenger and a colleague.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and a colleague.
  • Alastriona: Clan dancer and a client.
  • Cillian: Clan jeweller and a client.
  • Bronach: Clan bard and a friend.
  • Muiris: Clan patrol and a friend.
  • Muirne: Clan patrol and a friend.
  • Somhairle: Clan explorer and a friend.
  • Aoibhin: Clan mapmaker and a friend.

Bairre is bisexual.

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