Biography Edit

Belegaer is a loyal beast. He is protective and quick to take action, but is much more of a sidekick than a leader. He lacks the charisma to fuel his troops as he is incapable of promoting one overall goal; he does his best work in the field. He also tends to be very reactive to important situations and often goes a little too far, whether that be on the battlefield or in inner Clan conflict. However, he still works in the guard and transports smaller dragons from place to place, as well as digs defensive pits and trenches. He used to work with the slew of past Cavemasters, digging out the Founder's Den, as well as the Tundras' burrows, the smith's quarters, and Niluvas' laboratory. Unfortunately, most of it has since collapsed.

He's quite a Clan favorite due to his steady commitment to the Clan, even if dragons only like him because he'll always lessen the workload.

Dedicated, exceedingly emotionally reactive, protective, easy-going. Not the most cunning, but is aware of that, and knows not to claim to be what he is not.

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