Biography[edit | edit source]

Bellron is the first son of Ayella and Boran. He's a snarky, intent individual, still in his prime--he's no longer the most powerful dragon in the Clan, but certainly still feels that way. He's very protective of his parents, perhaps because he has no other kin left. One sister, Elia, has left the Clan with an interest in the outside world, and Bellron privately worries for her, but is also kind of jealous, and makes no bones about wanting to go out and see the world for himself for adventuring purposes. The other sister Biri passed away in a lightning storm.

He used to think of himself as the primary protector of his family and took it upon himself to guard the Clan's boundaries, and said Clan was split between grudgingly admiring him, being amused by him, or being annoyed.

Gruff, focused, naturally imposing; has a good sense for how dragons tick. Sort of resents his mother for not being more personable, but finds he has inherited her issues. Still believes in his gut that he’s the primary protector.

Bellron sleeps in the largest above ground cave in his territory, alongside Ayella and Boran. The cave is incredibly spacious; the entrance yawns upwards at almost two times the height of a Guardian. The trees around it were cleared out to provide a modestly sized meadow for hatchlings to frolic in, which turned out to be very useful for the construction of other dens. Inside, Boran has covered the stone walls with bark and leafy decorations. Currently, Senta and Mygora are working on sprucing it up even further. The cave itself is in fact a direct path to Ayella and Boran, who sleep together in the very back, which is about as long as 3 Imperials nose to tail. Phelga's cave system uses this cave as one of its entrances, and Bellron uses an adjacent above-ground chamber as his debriefing room. Bellron essentially lives in his debriefing room, even though he has a sizable separate chamber that Belegaer insisted on crafting for him.

Was a member of the Old Council.

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