"I'm sorry."


Growing up in the Mink tribe, Bepo adored his older brother. He would follow him around wherever he went, mimicking everything he did, until the day his brother left. To Bepo, it was sudden, although in reality his brother had been planning the voyage with his friends for some time before departure, and he was left unsure of what to do.

In the end he decided to try and follow his brother, but with no idea where he'd gone, Bepo quickly found himself lost and alone in a world far too big for someone as young as him. An inherent ability to navigate should have helped him, but he was too young to properly take advantage of it and found himself instead swept away in the wrong direction.

Then the fear overtook him. The further from home he found himself, the less people knew of the Mink tribe and the more people treated him like a monster, because he didn't fit into their idea of normal. He was attacked many times, always choosing to escape rather than fight back, and as word spread his attackers changed from those in fear of him to those looking to capture him and sell him on as a curiosity. Bepo kept fleeing from them, now being driven further and further away from both home and his brother but unable to do anything to change it.

Battered, bruised and exhausted from months, if not years, of life on the run, he found himself on the edge of a small, quiet settlement and hide away in a cave nearby, hunting in the woods and desperately trying to stay away from anyone that might attack him. Unfortunately, the cave he had settled in turned out to be a hideaway for a pair of adolescents, who reacted badly to seeing a monster in their safe haven. They, like everyone before them, attacked him, and pursued him when he fled.

Bepo was saved by another adolescent, younger and sicker but stronger. Sensing a friend for the first time since leaving home, Bepo latched onto him and was greeted with as much trust as the hurting youngster could give him. The other two who had attacked him also came around, realising that they had had no need to fear him and seeing him for what he truly was, and not the monster they'd originally thought.

Now, Bepo is the navigator of the Heart Pirates, the crew he formed alongside those three adolescents all those years ago. He still feels sometimes like he's a monster, but what he knows he is is nakama, and that's everything he could ask for.





  • Bepo is a fandragon of the One Piece character Bepo
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