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Alignment: Lawful Good Edit

Beren is the official Ice Flight representative to Clan Vespera, and also acts as one of its protectors.

He came here at first in pursuit of Luthien, whom he came to love dearly. It took a while, and he had only a scent to follow after her diplomatic visit to Clan Whiskerwing was over. By the time Beren found Luthien, he'd forgotten her name, but as soon as they were reunited, he knew he loved her. Re-acquainting was an interesting experience, but Luthien was charmed by his timid sweetness and sincerity. The two are almost always together, even on Luthien's diplomatic visits to other clans (Beren insists on being her personal guard).

Now that he calls Vesperia home, he is stout, strong, and unwavering in his defense of the clan. He personall saw to the training of his young grandson, and shares a close relationship with him.

As ambassador, he has a position on the Council of Elders, and he reports directly to Elrohir, the liason for all foreign flight ambassadors.

In the battle against Jackal in his Emperor form, Beren was gravely wounded and was blinded in his left eye when a blast of fire from one of the Emperor's heads hit him directly in the face. He still fights to protect his clan, although without proper depth perception, that task has become more difficult.

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