BirdBrained's clan is a tiny, self-sufficient colony of mudery lesbian scientists who put up too much with their dictator-queens. Who knows how anyone got here, but they're here, and they're ready to research I guess.

Overview Edit

This small clan is made up entirely of research scientists, is spread throughout two closeby territories in the middle of the cluttered Shrieking Wilds.

The larger and more heavily populated part is the meadow territory. The dragons that work primarily in a meadow in the middle of a dense forest, and live nearby, either in a system of tunnels underneath or in labs/portable housing above if they aren't able to leave their work. It's not the heavenly garden some think it to be, but the working dragons like it here. Or so Cambrie says.

The second territory is the mysterious little wreckage of Mort Court. Most of its residents are not actually dragons, but dinosaurs, an alternate variety of "Ancient". A few hundred meters from the meadow, a small group of dragons from the clan resides in a decommissioned Boeing 747, probably sitting there for years, slowly being cleaned and reclaimed by nature. It will never fly again, but its massive hull is a home, unyielding to nature for centuries and many more to come, and perfect for a small crew with the backup archives.

Gretchen and Cambrie founded the clan. They met at the plane, it was just sitting there, not too far off from a meadow Gretchen knew of, and the two dragons decided to claim both, seemingly uninhabited spaces.

Clan Members and Roles Edit

Permanently/primarily residing in MEADOW TERRITORY: Edit

  • Dictators: Cambrie (naturalist/illustrator), Spore Creature (?),
  • Diplomacy and civility: Gearguts (Trawler, marine biologist, hardworking citizen deemed a goddess), Algae (engineer), Unfilled (messanger)
  • Medical: Wren (pathologist), geneticist I'm breeding (geneticist), Unfilled (general doctor)
  • Education: Flannela (entomologist), Ferdinand (?), other heccin teachers?
  • Exclusively garden tender: Tomura (botanist), [Uranusborg goes back and forth]
  • Students/still dragonettes: Mira, Ashe (both environmentalists)
  • Archivist: Unfilled (?)

Permanently/primarily residing in MORT COURT/outside territories: Edit

  • Overseer: Gretchen (Quite busy, small scale "life researcher"),
  • Archivist (main): Astarte (historian)
  • Food preparation: Uranusborg (food scientist/molecular gastronomy/fancy food stuff)
  • Out of clan/exiles: Cloud (mysterious presence)

Government Edit

Since the clan is so tiny, split in two, and everyone of the <20 dragon population works in a field that run on cooperation, and therefore pretty much instinctually cooperate with their leaders, the leaders of either clan have the freedom to lead however they like, and they each take that freedom and run with it.

Native Plant and Wildlife Edit

Cambrie, the leader, but also an avid naturalist liked this place for a reason. Most of the other scientists are nature enthusiasts or like it in some way.

The mascot animal of the clan is the Green-Tailed Ratsnake, which is extremely common throughout the territory and serves as free pest control and an interesting animal to watch.

The clan's plant is ivy, any variety of it, as long as it doesn't overgrow in the garden. English Ivy is the most commonly found, though it's not a fan of all the light that beams down on it, it thrives nonetheless in the loose, but fertile soil.

The once extinct, now invasive LEPIDENDRON grow all over the viridian labyrinth. A group of Ice dragons, fossil enthusiasts, settled into the forest, bringing their fossils and experiments to the forest, and while most growable seeds and spores has died, some of their lepidendron spores thrived.

Other notable animals include actual dinosaurs,

Other notable plants include Bells-of-Ireland

Many dragons thought it was strange that the trees suddenly stop growing, and that not a single one occurs within the ring of the meadow. That is, until they took soil samples. The soil in the meadow, though unusually fertile, is extremely sandy and loose compared to the clay loam that the forest grows from. The trees were unable to reach a certain height, and any trees that tried to grow within died as saplings.

Near the plane, small amounts of jet fuel from a spare tank contaminate the ground shortly around it, though not much else more. Trees and large plants are unable to grow in the toxic soil, but mosses, fungi, and small short-lived flowers can be found around the plane.

Trivia Edit

  • Their true god has no idea what she's doing, but she says these dragons doing great.
  • Attacks and "raids" (infestations that nobody actually minds) of the clan, by native wildlife are fairly common.
  • The clan's "national" (I guess mascot it a better word?) animal is the Green Ratsnake
  • Clan plant — English Ivy
  • Clan food/dish — Soylent Green (people)
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