Territory number two. Same clan as the rest of BirdBrained's dragons, many dragons go back and forth between them even, just another slightly seperate piece of land. A deader airplane clearing.

Overview Edit

The second territory is the mysterious little wreckage of Mort Court. Most of its residents are not actually dragons, but dinosaurs, an alternate variety of "Ancient". A few hundred meters from the meadow, a small group of dragons from the clan resides in a decommissioned Boeing 747, probably sitting there for years, slowly being cleaned and reclaimed by nature. It will never fly again, but its massive hull is a home, unyielding to nature for centuries and many more to come, and perfect for a small crew with the backup archives.

Government Edit

Mort Court's government is even more bizzarrely run than the meadow's. It's even smaller in population and size, but Gretchen thinks no smaller than her counterparts. Everyone's a part of her 5-dragon government, call it a paradox, call it anarchy, Gretchen calls it capitalism to be ironic and mess with Cambrie. Mort Court runs on a more business style sorta government system.

Residents of Mort Court Edit

  • Overseer: Gretchen (Quite busy, small scale researcher)
  • Deity that never gets a break: Gearguts (Trawler, marine biologist, hardworking citizen deemed a goddess)
  • Archivist (main): Astarte (historian)
  • Food preparation: Sunrise (food scientist/molecular gastronomy/fancy food stuff)
  • Frequent visitors from clan: Algae (engineer), Flannela (entomologist)

Trivia Edit

  • The specific plane in Mort Court is a Boeing 747-8i Intercontinental. At 76.25 meters long and with an (almost entirely intact) wingspan of 68.45 Meters, it can fit all of the largest dragons of the clan (hence why they live in it).
  • The dragons of Mort Court are entirely unaware, but their Boeing 747 still has fuel in its tanks, and could probably fly after minor repairs, plus a runway. 
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