Loose soil and extensive tunnels

The meadow territory of the clan is the larger section.

Less hazardous despite only being a couple hundred feet away from mort court.

Overview of just the meadow Edit

The larger and more heavily populated part of the clan.

The dragons that work primarily in a meadow in the middle of a dense forest, and live nearby, either in a system of tunnels underneath or in labs/portable housing above if they aren't able to leave their work. It's not the heavenly garden some think it to be, but the working dragons like it here. Or so Cambrie says.

Meadow government Edit

Cambrie, despite being a tenth of the meadow population herself, has brought Spore Creature and even a religion to her side and created a communist regime. Two authoritarian dictators getting along and ruling would be a pretty tiny and radical government, even on a real size nation. But that's 1/5 of a clan that self-runs on recording data. Of course that gets boring, so that's where religion can entertain and unify through bored stress, at least.

Essentially, Cambrie's (and Spore Creature's) government is letting the clan run itself, maybe calculating resources and trade when supplies run short, and roleplaying it out as if it were a gargantuan nation and she's the mighty dictator. 

Cambrie is a little bit of a psychotic dictator, as small as her little kingdom is, be glad she's not in charge of a nation... 

Inhabitants of the Meadow Edit

  • Dictators: Cambrie (naturalist/illustrator), Spore Creature (?),
  • Diplomacy and civility: Gearguts (Trawler, marine biologist, hardworking citizen deemed a goddess), Algae (engineer), Unfilled (messanger)
  • Medical: Wren (pathologist), geneticist I'm breeding (geneticist), Unfilled (general doctor)
  • General Teacher: Flannela (entomologist), Ferdinand (?), other heccin teachers?
  • Exclusively garden tender: Tomura (botanist), Sunrise (back and forth food prepper and garden helper)
  • Students/still dragonettes: Mira, Ashe (both environmentalists)
  • Archivist: Unfilled (?)

Trivia Edit

  • The meadow territory is also known as Nocturne Paradise, as an unusually large number of orphaned Nocturnes turn up in the territory each winter (and most. Most speculate that it's their brain-compasses giving them a wrong turn.
  • Large amounts of sunlight hitting directly on the meadow often proves to be a bigger detriment to the crops than a benefit.
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