History Edit

Originally Blackmoon was a nameless band of misfit dragons in the Starfall Isles, created by Jericho Sunscorn and Babylon Nightshade. Their group consisted mostly of thieves and low-ranking mages. They began recruiting many Shadow members who had traveled to the Starfall Isles to learn magic, which turned out to be a huge mistake. A couple named Carson and Roujia learned Shadow magic through these new recruits and became corrupted by it. When they became powerful enough they chased Babylon and Jericho out of the clan so that they could lead. Carson and Roujia then set strict rules and harsh punishments, and they became greedy with their magically-acquired wealth, allowing their followers to suffer while they thrived. This caused a commotion. Arcane dragons were highly offended at their misuse of magic, and the Shadow dragons were pissed off by the greed.

Clan Members Edit

The High Council Edit

  • Sombre Blackmoon (Overseer)
  • Desde Blackmoon (Underseer/Heir)
  • Babylon Nightshade (Queen)
  • Jericho Sunscorn (King)
  • Kaiyo Vulturehead (Matriarch)
  • Lunate (Head Mage)

The Mid Council Edit

  • Kyomi Solemnwind (Oracle)
  • Majora Arcana (Judge)
  • Raavyn Scarredlich (Gatekeeper)
  • Mesmer Darkheart (High Priest of the Shadowbinder)
  • Salem Farstar (High Priestess of the Shadowbinder)
  • Indigia Brighthorn (Water Ambassador)
  • Zandrik (Fire Ambassador)
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