Blade is the chief and founder of Coppercoil Tower, and the founder of the covert clan operation Black Plasma.

Appearance Edit

Length: 4.99M | Wingspan: 4.57M | Weight: 440.68KG

Blade is a stout, wiry Mirror, short in all ways for his breed. His face and forelegs are lacerated with scars from various battles. His hide, once pure and silvery, is becoming aged and streaked from supervising many experimental trials, mostly from the clan's black ops group Black Plasma. He has an imposing, stoic demeanor, and is often found wearing dark, utilitarian militaristic coats and armor, with golden ornaments.

Personality Edit

Blade is a strict and demanding leader, keeping a formal appearance and professional relationship with his clan and cohorts.

Background Edit

Clan Role Edit

Relations Edit

Family Edit

Blade's mate is Ripple, who assumes the role of next-in-command and is the matriarch of the clan. He has only bore three children to her, and they have all been exalted.

Friends Edit

The only dragons he could call friends are those of his elder council, who have been with him since the beginning and stayed in the clan despite many hardships.

Enemies Edit

Blade does not have any specific rivals, but he is infamous among those who are affected by Black Plasma, since he is the public figurehead of the organization in an effort to keep their movements secrecy. His elders and his political figurehead, Angel, do most of the talking in these situations.

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