Clan Lampsi

Background[edit | edit source]

Bloodmoon was dropped on the head as a hatchling. She lost all memories of her family and her past. She had stumbled upon the doorway of Seeking Clan. A full moon was risen overhead, glowing red as blood. It was rare, and known to bring bad omens. Bad luck. A sign of change, or death. It made the superstitious dragons uneasy.

Her head was bleeding badly and she would have died if Nightbane had found her any later.

The clan's healers worked hard to recover her. Her head wound eventually healed, but her memories never came back.

While recovering, the dragons of the clan tried to gently get information out of the little Ridgeback. How did you get here? What is your name? Who is your family?

But the little Plague dragon knew nothing. Not even her name. Her head injury took away everything she knew. She even had a little trouble speaking.

Nightbane had hoped someone would claim the hatchling, but as she asked neighboring clans, no one recognized the child. It was one of the greatest mysteries of the clan. How in the world did this little Plagueling end up nearly dying in the Sunbeam Ruins?

Seeking Clan became the little one's new home, and Sapphiremoon took a liking to her.

Sapphire raised the hatchling and named her Bloodmoon. She seemed to genuinely care for Blood, and Blood admired the skydancer.

But Sapphire had spoon fed her lies. She raised her on hate and violence. She was taught that violence was the best way to solve problems. She was taught that if you hated someone you had the right to kill them.

She was groomed and trained to become Sapphire's personal muscle.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bloodmoon is bloodthirsty and feels nothing when she takes a life. She likes to watch dragons in pain. She’s angry and hateful. She hates everyone around her. But it’s her respect and loyalty for those stronger than her that prevents her from attacking everyone.

She makes a great guard. She follows orders well and will ask no questions. If she’s told to kill she will. If she’s told to take a dragon hostage she will. If she’s told to torture a dragon she will do do without once wondering if what she’s doing is wrong.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sapphiremoon: The dragon that raised her and turned her into the monster she now is.

Bluemoon: The dragon she blames for everything bad that has happened to her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Was hatched on Friday the 13th during a full blood moon
  • Theme song: Bad Blood by Creature Feature
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