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BlueEvergreen is a First Generation triple Denim female. She was born on September 10th, 2013. ID number is #620698.

Before she was bought by Hailey, she was a Goddess of another clan. She decided to travel and expand her experiences and advice to a Nature Clan. Once she saw the Behemoth Kingdom, BlueEvergreen knew she would fit into this clan forever.

BlueEvergreen now watches over and protects the Behemoth Kingdom and is an advisor to Cedar and Meadow, who rule the Kingdom.

Personality Edit

BlueEvergreen is kind, caring, sweet, and cheerful. She makes sure that everyone who's in the Behemoth Kingdom are well taken cared-of and healthy.

Appearance Edit

BlueEvergreen looks like the Evergreen Tress, except in a blue-ish hue color.

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